"© Robb McCormick Photography ( <a href="http://www.robbmccormick.com">http://www.robbmccormick.com</a>)"


At CapCity Sports Media, our team of well trained photographers have set a new standard for excellence in race photography. Our number one priority is to offer better photographs, a better experience and better prices. We have the best photographers in the industry taking the highest quality photos of your achievement. Regardless of your skill, we will make you look like a pro. Offering some of the best prices in the industry, we also work with sponsors and advertisers to offer free images. 

You've been training for your event for months or maybe even years. We are there to celebrate and share that moment with friends and family. Moments fade, but photographs will tell your story forever. 

View and Purchase Images at <a href="http://www.robbmccormick.com/2015/2015-CapCity-Half-Marathon/">http://www.robbmccormick.com/2015/2015-CapCity-Half-Marathon/</a> © Robb McCormick Photography ( <a href="http://www.robbmccormick.com">http://www.robbmccormick.com</a>)

"I've been doing advertising for major races for years. I'm also a full time wedding and corporate photographer. I am here to change the game. Expect the highest quality photos for the most competitive pricing in the industry. We are working with sponsors to make photos affordable, if not free." 

-Robb McCormick (www.robbmccormick.com), Owner

"© Robb McCormick Photography ( <a href="http://www.robbmccormick.com">http://www.robbmccormick.com</a>)"
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