Bib Tagging Smugmug

CapCity Sports media offers Bib tagging services to sports photographers world-wide. We have a team of dedicated taggers who enter athlete's Bib numbers as keywords into Smugmug. Our turn-around is 24-48 hours depending on the size of the event, but we have most events finished in under 24 hours. Our accuracy is 99% on all images. We pull numbers from Bibs, Helmets, Bikes, Arms, and any where we find a race number.

This is great news for sports photographers using Smugmug for their file hosting. You are able to keep your existing workflow and upload to your Smugmug gallery. We use the assistant login feature and tag directly to your gallery. There is no need to FTP images to us or take any extra steps. 

Photographers are able to maintain their own E-Commerce store through Smugmug and gain 100% of the profit while letting athletes easily find their images using the search features on Smugmug. 

We also offer custom pages for your events complete with search features for athletes, as well as branding events with logos and race details. 

Let us do the tagging so you can be in control of everything else and eliminate the middle man. 

- We tag Bib numbers directly to Smugmug Galleries

-Athletes can search using their Bib number to find their images

-Maintain your own E-commerce with no middle man

-Typical Turn-Around is 24-48 hours or less 

- Cost is $0.05 per image

- We offer Custom Race Pages with Search

- We DO NOT use automated software, we do all tagging by hand for 99% accuracy

- We offer Branding and Logo Services

 - We have the ability to process large events over 50,000 images in about 48 hours or less in most cases

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